Eight energy-saving myths costing your business

How much can your business save by ignoring some of the myths surrounding energy efficiencies? Utilitywise debunks some common misconceptions about energy saving.

That lightbulb moment

If you are suddenly inspired to save energy by leaving a light on when you’re dashing from a room, think again. It’s actually best to turn it off.

Leaving lights on is just one of many misconceptions about saving energy. Here we unveil the truth about eight classic energy-saving myths. Download the full guide!

Myth #1: It’s more cost effective for employees to leave lights on if they’re returning to a room.
This is true only if your staff are turning lights on and off as fast as Blackpool Illuminations! Under normal conditions, it’s more efficient to have lights on only when you need them. So turn them off when you leave a room, even if it’s for a short time.

Myth #2: You need to change light fittings if you move to energy efficient lamps.
Not necessarily. You may not need to replace or alter your existing fittings as modern lamps will often match them.

Myth #3: A telephone charger left on without a mobile attached to it isn’t using energy.
It depends on the charger but it’s easy to check: if it feels warm, it’s using energy. To be on the safe side, switch it off at the plug.

The same goes for other charging units.

Myth #4: Solar power doesn’t work when it rains or it’s cloudy.
Not so. You can make solar energy pay while the sun shines – or not. Solar panel systems still work on cloudy or rainy days, although not as powerfully.

Besides, you save money over a year not per day.

Myth #5: A bathroom with an electric hand-dryer is less expensive to run than one with paper towels.
Not if you take into account the cost of manufacturing and transporting the paper towels, as well as disposing of them.

Ditch the myth – energy-efficient dryers are much less expensive!

But make sure you pick up an energy-efficient dryer over a standard 3kW dryer.

Myth #6: It saves money to keep using old equipment until it gives up the ghost rather than buying modern energy efficient appliances.
Old technologies can use much more electricity than a modern device – so it makes more sense to swap it as soon as you’ve bought it and start saving energy.

Myth #7: It’s cheaper to keep heating on constantly at its lowest setting than to turn it on and off.
Heating any office, workshop or warehouse that’s not being used will waste energy, so don’t fall for this common myth. Turn it off.

Myth #8: Body heat is the best way to keep warm – grab an employee and give them a hug!*
A hug doesn’t cost anything and it can keep you warm, but you might get more than you bargain for if you go around hugging your staff physically – however much you cherish them!

But seriously, the more people you have in a room, the lower you can set your room heating. It pays to have room level control.

*We cannot be held responsible for what happens.

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