Free Health Checks for Grit Plant

Jacopa Parts & Service Manager, Neil Sandell

Effective grit removal at the preliminary treatment stage is an essential prerequisite for all wastewater treatment works, preventing grit accumulating in tanks and chambers that would otherwise require costly removal. It also reduces wear on vulnerable, expensive equipment such as pumps by ensuring abrasive detritus is removed before the wastewater reaches them. Even fine particles can affect critical equipment and have a profound effect on the entire works’ processes.

As part of their commitment to the water industry, Jacopa is helping to ensure that these vital assets are fully optimised by offering free ‘health checks’ for its grit plant at wastewater treatment works. During these checks Jacopa can identify the need for any maintenance required and where appropriate make recommendations for refurbishment and optimisation.

Proactive, preventive maintenance ensures equipment does not fail unexpectedly which may result in long periods of downtime for repairs and cause problems with downstream treatment works processes. With the process working optimally, utilities can both save money and reduce their environmental impact.

Jacopa Parts & Service Manager, Neil Sandell explains: “This is a key issue for utilities, grit extraction cycles such as air washing and lifting on air lift pump assemblies are sometimes set incorrectly and maintenance is not done because, superficially, the plant seems to be working. However, inefficient plant requires more power, and is therefore less energy efficient, which increases the utility’s carbon footprint.”

Jacopa were recently approached to undertake the refurbishment of a J+A Jeta grit trap and Classifier at a major Treatment Works. On investigation the Company found that the plant hadn’t run effectively for many years resulting in a massive build-up of grit that had moved downstream, compromising bio filters, numerous pumps and other critical plant. Following a refurbishment and commissioning programme, which included optimisation of the plant, the works is now running far more efficiently.

With a free health check, utilities can leverage Jacopa’s grit plant expertise to ensure their systems are working properly and achieve their desired treatment outcomes. The health check will also provide opportunities to identify potential upgrades for valued equipment. And with a comprehensive portfolio of products for grit removal, including its famous Jones & Attwood® (J+A) range, Grit Classifiers, Detritors and Grit Pumps Jacopa is well placed to provide the optimum solution for all wastewater treatment works.

Jacopa Key Account Manager, Mick Burton, added: “Grit plants may not be as well maintained as other equipment, and it is not always obvious that there are issues until they become critical. When problems do arise, they can have a serious impact on the entire treatment works, so our free health check will ensure that essential plant is protected, solutions are optimised, and environmental impacts are minimised.”

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