Jacopa delivers package to Snowdonia

Wastewater treatment systems and solutions experts Jacopa have provided a packaged rotating biological contactor (RBC) for the scenic North Wales village of Penisarwaun.

The tiny hamlet is four miles east of Caernarfon in Gwynedd, north-west Wales, on the fringes of the beautiful Snowdonia National Park. Because of the narrow local lanes and low, overhanging trees on the rural route, the solution had to be delivered in sections and assembled on site.

The main contractor on the project was local company Dawnus, and the client was Welsh Water. The new RBC caters for a future population equivalent of 544, and a dry weather flow of 111m3/day, crude BOD load of 32.6kg/day and ammoniacal nitrogen load of 4.4kg/day.

The 95 percentile effluent quality to be achieved after final settlement is a challenging 40mg/l BOD, 60mg/l suspended solids, and 28mg/l ammoniacal nitrogen.

Jacopa supplied the RBC with all fittings, including the biocontactor and airlift system to return sludge and scum to the primary settlement stage. Removable GRP covers, manufactured to BS4994, have a lockable inspection hatch and lockable door access at both ends.

All equipment was unloaded on site by mobile cranes capable of manoeuvring down the winding lanes. One major challenge that the team faced and overcame was installing the rotor within the tank before one of February’s major storms, ‘Doris’, hit the site – Snowdonia is exposed to some of the highest wind speeds in the UK, and is regularly battered by major storm fronts.

Jacopa Managing Director, Alex Lloyd said, “We were extremely pleased to be able to deliver a really robust and reliable solution for this site, which is in an area of great natural beauty where discharges to the environment must be minimised. The RBC is now providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution, despite nature throwing a few extra challenges into the contract!”


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