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Sykes Pumps is set to revolutionise the way that utility companies, contractors and local authorities manage their emergency pumping requirements with the launch of its compact Rapid Response Pump, which can be fully-operational immediately upon delivery.

Capable of pumping up to 130,000 litres per hour, the new Rapid Response unit from Sykes Pumps features a 35 litre capacity integral fuel tank that enables up to 24 hours’ continuous use. It is so lightweight that it can be towed by a van, and be pushed into position, connected and switched on by a single operative within seconds.

Fully automatic with a simple key ignition and swift release couplings for faster installation, the self-priming pump can be transported to site and set up without any specialist equipment, training or commissioning, ensuring localised flooding can be brought under control faster than ever before.

Explains Sykes Pumps’ sales director, Chris Graham: “Transport legislation has been tightened to restrict the weights that can be towed by vans and non-tachographed vehicles, which can delay transportation of larger pumps to site.

“Those delays can be costly in terms of programme interruption, remediation, manpower and knock on effects. With the launch of the lightweight and compact Rapid Response unit, Sykes Pumps is resolving that issue, ensuring that an effective emergency solution can be deployed within minutes, without any additional transport or manpower requirements.”

Sykes Pumps has created a video to demonstrate just how quickly and easily the Rapid Response units can be deployed, which is available to view on the company’s website

The company has invested in significant numbers of the new model to add to its extensive fleet and anticipates that customers will hire the units to store as emergency standby equipment in their yards and depots for instant deployment as and when required.

Chris continues: “Despite its compact size and lightweight assembly, our new Rapid Response Pump delivers impressive performance, with high flow rates, solids handling to 40mm and high discharge pressures for incidents where extensive hose lengths are required.”

The Rapid Response units are also extremely fuel efficient, with fuel consumption of just 1.4 litres/hour @1500rpm to enable continuous operation for up to 24 hours. They have been fitted with Tier 4 compliant silenced engines for use in built-up areas, making them ideal for management of burst water mains and pipes in residential and commercial locations.

Chris adds: “We believe that the Rapid Response Pump is a game changer for utility companies, contractors, local authorities and the Environment Agency, helping them to tackle emergency pumping requirements quicker and easier than ever before.

“The design and functionality has been developed specifically to address customers’ requirements based on extensive research and this launch provides another example of Sykes Pumps’ focus on investing in solutions-driven product development.”

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