Wrekin Flies the Kite(mark)

Wrekin Flies the Kite(mark)

The first company to have all its manhole covers and gully grates Kitemarked by the British Standards Institute to the new BS EN 124-2:2015 is flying high.  Wrekin’s speed and success in securing third party certification confirms its position as the industry leader.

 “It is now apparent that the new BS EN 124-2:2015 standard for manhole covers and gullies will not incorporate CE marking for the foreseeable future.  So following the strong advice of the CEN Technical Committee responsible for EN124 (TC 165) that products to the new 2015 standard be assessed by an independent certification body, Wrekin has led the field by being the first company in the world to achieve the BSI Kitemark for the new standard,” says Barry Turner, Technical Manager at Wrekin. 

 “The 2015 version of the standard is a substantial revision to the original 1994 one, adding additional tests covering child safety and stability in the carriageway and is split into one general and five material specific parts.”

 Wrekin has long been a technical leader in the field of highway ironwork and was heavily involved in helping to define BS EN 124-2:2015, Barry was part of the British Standards Institute’s B/505/04 committee that helped frame the new standard.

 “It’s a real testament to Wrekin’s technical team to achieve the Kitemark for BS EN 124-2:2015 so quickly.  Highway professionals will need to update their specifications and Wrekin has the product range to help them do so, quickly and easily.”

 With the 1994 standard set to be no longer applicable after March 2017, specifiers and users must soon use ironwork that meets the new standard and will want to ensure third party certification is carried out using BSI’s rigorous testing and auditing criteria.  Wrekin is the only manufacturer that has BSI third party certification for the new standard, reflected in the awarding of the famous Kitemark.

 BSI presented Wrekin with the Kitemark certificate in the Wrekin Pavilion at Seeing is Believing 2016.

 “BSI is pleased to confirm Wrekin Products as the first company to achieve the coveted BSI Kitemark to BS EN 124-2:2015, the standard for gully tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian use.  Through initial type testing and assessment of their production processes, Wrekin have demonstrated their commitment to the consistent manufacture of products which comply to BS BS EN 124-2:2015. Unique to BSI, the BSI Kitemark is recognised globally as an independent mark of quality, safety and trust,” says Grahame Wackett, Construction Products Group Manager at BSI Group.


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