On 22 March 2017, the day designated by the United Nations as World Water Day, individuals, schools and community groups around the world will take a stand for clean water and healthy waterways by testing their local water supply and sharing the information. In so doing, they will join a growing movement of 1.4 million citizens in 143 countries who are working to conserve and protect water resources around the globe.

Now known as the EarthEcho Water Challenge, the annual water quality monitoring exercise runs until 31 December and is designed to show local people - especially the young - how they can look after the water sources around them.

The challenge comprises three simple steps managed online by US-based environmental education body EarthEcho via the Monitor Water website:

Test – local river water is tested using a simple kit purchased via the website;
Share – participants enter their data online through Earth Echo's international database, and share their stories and photos online or through social media; 
Protect – the information and tools are used to protect the community's water on an ongoing basis.

EarthEcho's President, Philippe Cousteau Jr, said: "Our health depends on access to clean water and preserving and protecting our water resources. These waterways and water systems are literally the lifeblood of our communities and everyone can play an important role in protecting them. The EarthEcho Water Challenge is designed to equip, individuals, groups and communities to be advocates for their local and regional water sources."