The first High-Power Charging (HPC) corridor for electric cars is to be built between Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki. The corridor will provide HPC stations in Norway, Sweden and Finland to enable the upcoming models of long range (over 300km) electric vehicles to charge more quickly, with the first four in place in 2017. In practice, this means that electric models expected to be on the market by early 2018 will be able to drive from Helsinki to Oslo in the same time as with a conventional car.

Norway is so far the only mass market for EVs, with more than 100,000 electric vehicles on the road, clearly the biggest number per capita in the world.

Norwegian company Fortum Charge & Drive will build the HPC stations, which will be able to generate 150-350kW for all principal models of car. The company’s Vice President, Markus Hökfelt, said: “Charge& Drive started in 2010 as a project to connect the Nordic capitals through quick charging, and now we want to make that happen again with high-power charging.”

This is the first step in establishing a Nordic network that will enable drivers to take full advantage of the new generation of electric vehicles (EV) and make long-distance travel a real possibility.

Charge & Drive is continuing to seek more partners for further collaboration and interconnectivity across Europe.