In a milestone agreement, London waste management company Powerday is sending up to 170,000 tonnes of refined refuse-derived fuel (RDF) made from the UK capital’s excess waste to an energy-from-waste (EFW) facility in the Swedish capital. The UK produces more RDF than it can use, while Sweden does not produce enough high quality RDF for its own energy needs.

The energy recovery specialist Geminor has secured the contract to handle the refined RDF from Powerday. The company will manage the haulage, shipment and recovery of the refined RDF from Powerday’s sites in Willesden and Enfield to boiler 6 of the Fortum Hogdalen EFW facility in Stockholm to provide heat and power for around 20,000 homes. Boiler 6, for which Powerday will supply approximately 30 per cent of the fuel, produces 91MW energy a year.

James Maiden, Country Manager at Geminor UK, explained: “Refined RDF is so-called because it is processed to a greater extent, creating a cleaner fuel with less residues and it is of a higher calorific value (CV) in comparison with general RDF. Carrying out such refinements helps command sustainable end markets for Powerday and allows Geminor to secure long-term contracts with off takers of the product, who rate both its high CV and its suitability for transport and storage.”

To reduce the carbon footprint and cost of the operation, the waste is transported using ‘dead leg’ sea freight return journeys from the Port of Sheerness to Oxelösund in East Sweden.

The partnership with Geminor will also help Powerday maintain its zero-to-landfill target.

Photo: The Fortum Hogdalen EFW facility in Stockholm, Sweden.