The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has today (5 January 2017) published the latest figures on new car registrations and adoption of electric vehicles is up 3.3 per cent on 2015, with more than 10,000 motorists choosing to go electric.

The development is part of a general boom in the UK automotive industry, with annual registrations on all types of cars climbing for the fifth year in a row to almost 2.7 million.

With significant investment in charging infrastructure visible across the country, environmentally conscious car owners are finding using an electric car more feasible than ever.

The latest figures from the SMMT show alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) also experienced a strong uplift in demand, up 22.2 per cent across the year. Plug-in hybrids and petrol-electric hybrids, in particular, experienced significant growth, with demand up 41.9 per cent and 25.1 per cent respectively. Fleets were said to be responsible for most of the growth, with demand growing to a record 1.38 million units.

Tim Payne, CEO of pay-as-you-go electric car charging company InstaVolt, commented: “This is fantastic news not just for the electric vehicle market and the UK economy but also for the environment. The fact that 10,000 motorists chose to switch to electric last year shows that the British public is mindful about its impact on the environment and willing to embrace new technology to minimise that.”

“The UK’s roads are becoming more and more of a welcoming environment for electric vehicles,” continued Payne, ”with the Government ploughing millions into charging infrastructure and companies like ours making rapid charging simple and much cheaper than petrol or diesel."