Yorkshire Water has invested £1.1 million to expand its waste water services division with a specialist sewer clearing unit including jetting teams, a first for the water company. The new team is to help protect Yorkshire’s sewer network from major incidents such as flash flooding and pollution such as the 2015 Boxing Day flood which caused widespread damage to the sewer network in Calderdale, York and Leeds.

The new 22-person division has 14 specialist vehicles at its disposal which will be used to unblock sewers across Yorkshire Water’s 52,000 kilometre network by jetting them with a high pressure water spray or using suction pumps to prevent sewage escapes. They will have a target to investigate pollution incidents within two hours of them occurring to mitigate any pollution risks.

In total, the firm has a squadron of 80 sewer technicians who work on the frontline throughout Yorkshire responding daily to sewer network pollution challenges.

Mark Stoneman, Operational Jetting Team Project Manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “We have created this new jetting team to protect households, businesses and waterways such as rivers and streams from pollution. This is a specialist unit of highly trained professionals that will have at their disposal the very latest equipment to protect the sewer network in Yorkshire.”