The UK’s annual water efficiency promotion Water Saving Week is encouraging people to think more about how they use this increasingly precious resource.

The interactive campaign aims to raise awareness about how easy it is for everyone to use water wisely, with a different challenge for each day of the week.

For five days from Monday 20 March to Friday 24 March, sector associations Waterwise and WaterSafe are focussing on a different theme each day – at school, in the workplace, at home, in local communities and in the garden.

Reducing water wastage can also lower water and energy bills for metered homes and businesses that pay for the amount of water they use rather than a fixed charge.

Julie Spinks, Director of plumbers' organisation WaterSafe, said: “Around one third of the water each person uses on a daily basis is wasted, so potentially there are significant savings to be made.”

Nicci Russell, Managing Director of leading water efficiency organisation Waterwise, added: “This year’s campaign has lots of great challenges and information about wasting less water.”

Taking up the challenge could mean having a water audit in your workplace to reveal how you can use water more efficiently, or swapping tap water for rainwater when you next water your garden or wash your car. Making these changes will not only conserve a precious resource but could also save customers money on their water and energy bills.

Nicci Russell continued: “We can all take action now to help ensure there is enough water for people and the environment, now and in the future."

Supporting factsheets with lots of advice, water saving tips and daily challenges can be found on the Waterwise and Watersafe websites.