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Why FES2017 is the most important yet

Vijay Shinde
Grid Services Lead at Sweco UK

Another year, another Future Energy...

How new technologies will power smart meters

Martin Dunlea
Global Industries Lead – Utilities at Oracle

Smart meters have been spoken about for years, and today government legislation continues to drive their rollout....

Energy security critical to UK post Brexit

Andrew Whitehead
Head of Energy at Shakespeare Martineau LLP

A speech delivered to European policy makers and energy industry participants in Brussels. "Security of energy supply...

Will Britain ever achieve zero per cent landfill figures?

Richard Walker
Marketing Manager at Reconomy

  New guidelines in 2011 were introduced that stipulate all businesses and organisations now have to apply waste hierarchy...

From micro to macro: Making water measurements meaningful

Rosa Richards
Programme Manager at Sensors for Water Interest Group (SWIG)

As the oft-quoted adage says, ‘you can’t control what you can’t measure’. So how is the development and uptake of...

Large companies and the public sector must do more to reduce emissions

Nicola Kimm
Head of Sustainability, Environment, Health & Safety at Philips Lighting

At Philips Lighting we have just completed our analysis of the most recent data...

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