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How will changes to energy policy affect your business?

Iain Walker
Head of B2B Sales at E.ON UK

The first few months of 2017 have seen several developments in energy policy which could significantly impact business now and in the...

Energy entrepreneurs turn to battery storage

Iain Robertson
Vice President – Renewables at SmartestEnergy

UK battery capacity is poised to grow up to 100 times by 2020. The UK needs solutions that will keep the lights on and...

Natural, human and social capital will help to build resilience in water industry

Adrian Rees
Director of Asset Management at AECOM

The water industry must consider natural, social and human capital in addition to financial capital in its business planning if it is to...

Energy efficiency must be an industrial strategy priority

Louise Kingham
Chief Executive at Energy Institute

The engineering profession calls for stable delivery of a long-term, low-carbon energy strategy.

The delay to Defra’s Environment Plan – risky business?

Samantha Deacon
Manager - ecological risk assessment at Ramboll Environ

As our politicians ready themselves for a general election with new manifestos for a better future, what does the vote mean for earlier promises...

Taking back control may mean letting go of energy savings

Andrew Warren
Chairman at British Energy Efficiency Federation

According to official UK government statistics, the most cost-effective energy efficiency policy for every category of energy consumer covers...

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