While it is encouraging to see the Government pledge its ongoing support for UK infrastructure projects, we in the waste management industry feel that a major opportunity has been missed to set out plans to maximise the resource productivity of the UK economy – a central pillar of the Industrial Strategy.

At present, UK waste management companies are paying to export waste out of our country for incineration, which other countries use to make fuel to power homes and businesses – which is simply not sustainable. Following Brexit, we now have the chance to define our own approach to waste and resource policy, away from EU environmental diktats which could cost UK businesses an additional £2 billion over the next 20 years. We would welcome clarity on future recycling policy direction.

We urgently need a commitment from Government to further invest in our domestic waste management infrastructure, which will not only mean that we can manage our waste more efficiently, but also better safeguard the UK’s long-term energy security.