A more practical and pragmatic approach from UK waste regulators is needed to ensure the UK exceeds its waste targets at optimum cost to industry.

We at resource efficiency body ecosurety are huge supporters of the correct treatment of waste from packaging, manufacturing, food and technology industries. We work with recycling partners to exceed targets and turn much of that waste into a valuable resource. Our partners, however, tell us there is often rigidity at enforcement level, which simply puts off a large number from going the extra mile, because it just becomes too difficult.

We don’t believe our members resent EU Directives on the handling of waste per se. Many, however, are becoming increasingly frustrated at overlaid, sometimes over-zealous, interpretations of those rules and do not believe some of the activities they are being asked to carry out result in any more waste being recycled or greater benefit to the environment.

Earlier this month, ecosurety submitted opinions and evidence of unhelpful waste bureaucracy from its members to the Government’s consultation on Cutting Red Tape (CRT). In July, the Business Secretary Sajid Javid vowed to cut £10 billion in red tape costs from a number of sectors, among them waste.

We believe the spirit, and not simply the letter of the regulations, should be embodied at ground level across the UK to encourage all organisations to reduce as much waste as possible.