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Can your customer data survive the stress test?

Adrian Alexandru
Gentrack account director at Gentrack

In just one day’s time, the non-household water market in England will open to competition. To those in the know, it may well seem...

Leaking profits in the new water market: are you ready?

Ian Newcombe
Partner at Bond Dickinson LLP

The opening of the retail water market in April 2017 will change the water sector on a fundamental level with most businesses in England being...

Five issues to look for in the energy market in the year ahead

Paul Akrill
Business Development Director at IMServ

There’s no doubt that things are changing in the energy market. There has been a continuation of market changes, as well as uncertainty...

Budget proposals: a wasted opportunity

Paul Taylor
CEO at FCC Environment

While it is encouraging to see the Government pledge its ongoing support for UK infrastructure projects, we in the waste management industry feel...

Relieving flood risks: Why risk assessments are more important than ever

Tom Ingram
Head of Civil Engineering at Morgan Tucker

As the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology dubs the winter floods of 2015/2016...

Resilience through reform - the Water Act 2014 and its impact on infrastructure

Nick Cowley
Country manager, UK at MCL Utility

Since its privatisation in 1989, the water industry in England and Wales has been heavily regulated. With very few exceptions, British customers...

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